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 Title of CPD course : Strategies and opportunities for Built Environment Professionals in on-going compliance of buildings to ensure life safety wrt Fire Protection, as per OHS Act and NBR Parts A and T

Presenter: Mr Kevin Govender

Course information (Content/Overview)

This course was developed to equip and empower stakeholders, by creating awareness to identify, minimise and protect against undue risk, especially when one considers the recent number of preventable fires (SA and internationally) in buildings which these could have been minimised or reduced and the tragic loss of life in these fires which also could have been avoided/prevented to a very large degree.

More often than not, clients discount the essential services of Built Environment Professionals for various reasons and take a compliant building and allows its safety systems to deteriorate to zero effect or use. Often the case, the user/client looks at a situation and “determines within themselves” that what they are doing is ok, because the building was “passed” and not every circumstance requires professional assistance.

On-going compliance is a multi-stakeholder process which involves at least the following role players:

 Built Environment Professionals,

 Local authorities – approvals and enforcement,

 Building owners,

 Tenants and landlords,

 Facilities Managers,

 Employers,

 Safety Executives and Managers,

 Contractors and services providers,

 Insurers,

 Interested parties – neighbouring communities, environmental and other civil society organisations.



 The Delegate will be presented with strategies and perspectives to develop compliance management programmes, to be able to assist clients to identify opportunities of collaboration with the various role players to ensure life safety is achieved, in and through continued compliance,

 The Delegate will gain an understanding of where and how post new projects deteriorate with regards to life safety compliance.

 The Delegate will then be introduced to a sample process or workflow, to close the current compliance gaps present, which introduces significant opportunities for on-going services of Built Environment Professionals to clients both to obtain and maintain compliance.

 The Delegate will gain knowledge of clients’ OHS Act responsibilities that require Built Environment compliances, which means professional engagement must be first, enabling one to identify the gaps between end user and enforcer with regards to understanding and achieving compliance.

 To create platforms for continued engagement and success with regards to true, real and effective compliance, i.e. beyond “paper compliance”.

Course content:

  1. The basics of complying with The Constitution of RSA, with regards to life safety, for building owners and employers,
  2. Awareness of the known enforcement authorities of NBR and OHS Act,
  3. An introduction to the Business compliance cycle according to constitutional imperatives,
  4. Case Studies introduction with regards to NBR Part A and T and on-going compliance as well as link to OHS Act,
  5. OHS Act 85 of 1993 and regulations – awareness of Roles and Responsibilities for employers’ Top Management, and the link to NBR Part T,
  6. National Building Regulations Part A and T – awareness Responsibilities for building owners and employers and the link to SANS 10400,
  7. NBR Part T Rational designs introduction according to BS 7974 (normative)
  8. Introduction to typical non-compliances observed.


Venue : 11 Quarry Park Close (Rivercest Park), Riverhorse Valley c/o Geberit SA,

Time: 8:30am to 1:30pm

Date: Thursday, 25 October 2018

Closing date for Registration: Friday, 19 October 2018

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Cost of workshop

R750-00 – on/before 19 October 2018

R600-00 – SAIBD Members (paid up members only), on/before 19 October 2018

Cancellation/refunds will only be accepted a week prior to the set date. Should no cancellation be received within this period, no refunds will be made for non-attendance!

Dietary requirements to be forwarded a week prior to date.

CPD Category: 1

CPD Credits: 0.4

Course validation: SAIBD

Name of VA, ALS hosting the CPD course: South African Institute of Building Design

Contact person for course information and bookings: Rehana Gaffar

Tel.: 031 202 4726

Fax: 086 509 9877

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