03 DECEMBER 2018


(Withdrawal of Media Statement 01 – 10 August 2018)

 SAIBD is pleased to record that it has met with SACAP on the 26th November 2018.

This meeting has assisted in placing into perspective the actions of the Ministry and the newly appointed interim council of SACAP.

As per our media statement issued on the 10 August 2018, SAIBD hereby unreservedly withdraws our objections without prejudice. We further place on record our apology if the tone of the letter was deemed to be offensive to both the Minister and the current Interim Council of SACAP.

Furthermore, we do hereby record our willingness to work with SACAP in order to achieve our common and mutually beneficial goals and objectives and take this opportunity to wish the current board success in its endeavours.

We reserve our rights.

Kind regards,


Dhanashwar Basdew

Architectural Activist Built Environment & Human Settlements

SAIBD Vice President

Videsh Boodu

SAIBD President


Supported by the Executive of SAIBD National Board

Mr Paul Mkhonza (Chairperson Eastern Cape), Mr. Siyabonga Moloi (Transformation committee), Mr. Thabiso Joyisa (Student committee), Ms. N. Khan (Registrations), Miss E. Robinson (Registrations), Mr. S. Reddy (Vice President), Mr. M. Pillay (Treasurer), Mr. M. Douglas (Education Committee), Mr. K. Nel (Executive), Mr. R. Nanan (Chairperson Northern Natal), Mr E. Bezuidenhout (Chairperson Southern Natal), Mr. N. Long (Chairperson Western Cape)


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